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Fall 2019 - ETA Class Recruitment Schedule

Informational Session #1

Monday, Aug. 26

6:00 PM

Norris 112

Game Night with PAPhi

Wednesday Aug. 28

6:30 PM

Hardin 232

Friendship Bracelets

Friday, Aug. 30

6:00 PM 

Norris 112

Informational Session #2

Tuesday, Sept. 3

7:00 PM

Hardin 233

Trivia with SIAs

Thursday, Sept . 5

6:00 PM

Norris 112

Chapter News

Meet Our Newest Sisters


Introducing our Spring 2019 Zeta Class: the Sanctimonious Six!

#24 Aika *Pruna* Washington

#25 Suqi *Gravati* Jiang

#26 Grace *Vividus* Lee

#27 Annie *Antigone* Kim

#28 Morgan *Navi* Pinson

#29 Lauren *Somei* Hawthorne

Thank you to their Mama Raghed *Edifice* AlDahabi and their Papa Eva *Inexora* Ruan for educating these Dedicated Female Leaders!

Eva * Inexora* Ruan - Our October Sister of the Month

As the holiday season approaches, we would like to take this time to recognize the lovely Eva *Inexora* Ruan as our October Sister of the Month!
Eva has taken big strides in her role as philanthropy chair. She puts in a substantial amount of effort and never fails to make sure that our events run smoothly. Her passion and initiative to exceed in the sorority is incomparable, and we are so proud to call this hardworking dedicated female leader one of our Sisters. Thank you Eva, we love you!

Upcoming Events!

Check out our Facebook page for information on our upcoming events!

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